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50 Years of Earthwork Experience

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Fehn Companies Inc. is at the forefront of the Albertville and St. Michael construction scene, specializing in Earth Work, Gravel Mining, and Demolition Services. Since its inception in 1971, our family-operated firm has set the benchmark for excellence, innovation, and community service. Our dedicated professionals ensure that each project surpasses our clients’ expectations, embodying our commitment to quality and environmental responsibility.



Why Work With Fehn Companies Inc.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Fehn Companies Inc. distinguishes itself through unwavering attention to quality, safety, and environmental care. Our half-century legacy equips us to tackle complex projects with unmatched precision and efficiency. Our innovative methods, allied with our dedication to client satisfaction and community contribution, position us as the preferred construction service provider in Albertville and St. Michael.

Earthwork Expertise

Precision Groundwork

Fehn Companies Inc. renowned for its superior earthwork services, providing a sturdy foundation for every construction endeavor. Our expertise in site grading and soil stabilization sets us apart as the premier earthwork provider in Albertville and St. Michael.

Gravel Mining

Bulk Gravel Sales

Fehn Companies Inc. leads in gravel mining, delivering high-quality materials for both construction and landscaping. Our sustainable and quality-driven approach elevates us above the competition.

Demolition Mastery

Our Demolition Process

Our demolition services are synonymous with safety, efficacy, and environmental mindfulness. Fehn Companies Inc. adeptly manages projects of all sizes, ensuring sites are impeccably prepared for new constructions.

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