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Construction Excellence

Over Five Decades of Earthwork Experience

Fehn Companies Inc. stands as a beacon of construction innovation, offering specialized gravel mining, earthwork and demolition services in Otsego. Established in 1971, our family-owned business is distinguished by its commitment to quality, forward-thinking solutions, and community engagement. Our experienced team pledges to surpass client expectations on every project, embodying our ethos of excellence and dedication to environmental preservation.



Why Work With Fehn Companies Inc.

Unsurpassed Quality

Renowned for our priorities of quality, safety, and sustainability, Fehn Companies Inc. brings over five decades of expertise to every challenge. Our strategic approach and commitment to client satisfaction and community betterment confirm our status as the preferred construction services partner in Otsego.

Earthwork Proficiency

Foundation Experts

As the authority on earthwork services, Fehn Companies Inc. ensures solid foundations for all construction ventures. Our unmatched site grading and soil stabilization practices affirm our position as the leading provider of earthwork and demolition services in Otsego.

Gravel Mining Leadership

Superior Gravel for Sale

Leading the way in gravel mining, Fehn Companies Inc. provides top-quality materials essential for construction and landscaping. Our focus on excellence and environmental stewardship cements our leadership in the Otsego market.

Demolition Expertise

Strategic Dismantling

Fehn Companies Inc. is recognized for demolition services that prioritize safety, efficiency, and environmental mindfulness. We adeptly manage demolition projects of any scale, ensuring thorough preparation for new developments.

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Elevate your project with Fehn Companies Inc. in Otsego. Our team is equipped to offer exceptional earthwork, gravel mining, and demolition services. Reach out today to benefit from our expertise in earthwork and demolition services in Otsego.