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Earthwork and Demolition Services in Rogers, MN

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Trailblazing Solutions in Mining, Earthwork and Demolition Services in Rogers 

50 Years of Earthwork

Fehn Companies Inc. leads the way in the Rogers, MN construction market, offering specialized Earth Work, Gravel Mining, and Demolition Services. Established in 1971, our family-owned enterprise embodies excellence, pioneering solutions, and dedication to the community. Our skilled team guarantees that each project not only meets but exceeds client expectations, demonstrating our relentless pursuit of quality and commitment to environmental sustainability.



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Construction Excellence Defined

Fehn Companies Inc. is celebrated for its steadfast commitment to quality, safety, and environmental sustainability. With a rich history spanning over five decades, we approach complex projects with unmatched precision and efficiency. Our commitment to innovation, coupled with our devotion to client satisfaction and community enrichment, positions us as the preferred provider of construction services in Rogers, MN.

Minnesota’s Earthwork Authority

Groundwork Specialists

Fehn Companies Inc. sets the benchmark for earthwork services, ensuring a robust foundation for all construction projects. Our leading-edge techniques in site grading and soil stabilization make us the top choice for earthwork and demolition services in Rogers, MN.

Gravel Mining Pioneers

Bulk Construction and Landscaping Gravel Sales

Leading the gravel mining sector, Fehn Companies Inc. supplies premium-quality materials for construction and landscaping. Our focus on quality and environmental stewardship secures our position as the industry leader in Rogers, MN.

Demolition Proficiency

Precision Dismantling

Fehn Construction Inc.demolition services are marked by meticulous safety, effectiveness, and ecological foresight. We efficiently manage demolitions, large and small, ensuring sites are impeccably cleared and primed for new development.

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Start your earthwork or demolition project with Fehn Companies Inc. Our skilled team is prepared to deliver exceptional earthwork, gravel mining, and demolition services. Get in touch today to harness our comprehensive expertise for your next project in earthwork and demolition services in Rogers, MN.