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Demolition Services at Fehn Companies Inc. stand out for their precision, safety, and efficiency. Specializing in the dismantling of structures of all sizes, we ensure every project is executed with the utmost care for surrounding properties and environments. Our process begins with a thorough site investigation and pre-demolition survey, followed by meticulous planning and the securing of necessary permits. Our team of experienced operators utilizes a wide array of equipment to safely bring down structures, emphasizing the recycling of materials like steel and concrete. Fehn Companies Inc. guarantees a demolition service that is not only timely but also minimizes waste and adheres to all regulatory standards.

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Five Decades of Demolition Excellence

Choosing Fehn Companies Inc. for your demolition needs means prioritizing safety, reliability, and environmental responsibility. With over 50 years of experience in the construction and demolition industry, our family-owned business has developed a reputation for excellence. Our commitment to innovation ensures we utilize the latest techniques and equipment for efficient and safe demolitions. Our dedication to sustainability and recycling demonstrates our responsibility to the environment and our community. At Fehn Companies Inc., we’re not just demolishing structures; we’re preparing sites for new beginnings with precision and care.

Sustainable Demolition

Free Concrete and Asphalt Dumping

Fehn Companies is proud to offer concrete and asphalt dumping completely free of charge. Whether you’re renovating an old property or clearing a site for new construction, our skilled team is equipped to manage all aspects of the demolition process, delivering top-tier service and unparalleled value.

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