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Our Earthwork service is the backbone of infrastructure projects, ensuring a solid foundation for successful builds. At Fehn Companies Inc., we specialize in commercial, road work, civil, and mass grading services, transforming landscapes into ready-to-develop sites. Our offerings include detailed site grading, precise soil corrections, and large-scale excavation and backfill. With state-of-the-art GPS modeling and layout capabilities, we ensure accuracy and efficiency in every project. Whether it’s preparing a site for commercial development, constructing roadways, or executing complex civil projects, our team brings expertise and dedication to every task, promising solid groundwork for any construction endeavor.

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Choosing Fehn Companies Inc. means partnering with a leader in earthwork services in Minnesota. Our foundation is built on over 50 years of industry experience, quality workmanship, and a deep commitment to customer satisfaction. We integrate innovation, safety, and sustainability into our operations, ensuring every project aligns with our high standards and your specific needs. Our mission is to exceed expectations, delivering results that stand the test of time. Trust us to lay the groundwork for your success with precision and care.

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