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Demolition Services

Fehn Companies is a demolition expert in Minnesota offering demo services for houses, commercial buildings and even commercial box stores.

With our reliable equipment and truck fleet, we haul the demolition debris to landfills and recycling yards.  Our experience ensures that even the toughest demolition projects are accomplished.

Our Demolition Process & Abilities

We understand that your project deserves the best in demolition services and you can count on Fehn Companies to meet your expectations. 

  • Demo process that includes permits, utility disconnects, and hazardous material removal
  • Estimate, bid and contract process
  • Experienced estimators to prepare bids
  • Wide array of equipment and attachments
  • Recycling of materials (all products possible) in the Twin Cities at our own yards
  • A dedication to on time and on budget
  • Proven safety record
  • Tracking of your project from start to finish


Contact us with your demolition project needs.